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Tired of searching spreadsheets, pages of manuscript, and piles of paper scribbles? Loosing track of who is who? Who knows who? And every other minor, but important detail?

Let Wriget do it for you!


A simple interface with a simple layout, accesible to you from anywhere, so you can spend less time organizing and more time on what really matters.


Your account is private, and we protect your beloved book. Plus, everything is automatically saved so you never have to worry about making a backup or loosing it.


Just as you are a writer, so are we. We use our own product and are commited to providing the best service we can to all our users.

Who We Are

Kai Austin

Kai started writing books at age 5 but realized programming was awesome around age 20. This launched an existential crisis which ultimately resulted in Wriget. Kai's hobbies include making biologically accurate aliens, hating English, and fantasizing about owning a sushi restaurant. His first book, Evanescence (PRE-ORDER NOW!), will be available in July 2015.