Hello, my name is Kai - the brain power person behind Wriget who does everything. I am a full stack web developer, software engineer, designer, artist, part-time writer, and the occasional day-trader who has just finished my junior year at Olin College of Engineering. I also do a lot of other things. I cannot exactly guarantee that I am human, but I have seen my brain before (in pictures), and everything looked human enough.

While I claim to be a writer myself, I have yet to officially publish a book (statistically speaking, I should get an accepence letter for my novel soon...). So please, do not think of me as an expert in the field.

I made Wriget because I am kind of lazy, impatient and tend to keep things in my head. Existing software and apps just did not cut what I was looking for. Research did not really turn up anything beyond online gaming and the ever prevelance of blog. Or, let me back up a bit. There I was, trying to think up a mobile app. Then boom, I thought why don't I make something for people like me? Suddenly a rain of passion and my muse caught one of the butterfly of ideas that are always floating around us. I realized that I had something awesome. The problem with awesome things is that they need to exist. So who better to make it than me? Taking my masterful experience as a developer, minimalist and admin to wikia pages, I created a clunky app called "Connects" over the weekend. But that was just a mobile prototype. The real thing was yet to come. And so the journey began, a journey with the ultimate goal to make something I would want to use. To make something my siblings, also fellow writers, would want to use. To make something any fellow writer would want to use.

There is a lot in store for Wriget coming up. What you see in this beta version is only the beginning. So stick around.