If you grow bored of consistently clicking buttons to fill out forms, you can use our short cut version of enter information. It takes what you enter and magically puts everything where it needs to go. However, like all magic, you need a spell. These are the short cut ways you can do it. To begin, click the + (plus) sign in the navigation at the top of your book page

Add a Character

To add a character, all you need to do is just type in their name and click submit. No description is necessary. You can then go to the character's page to edit whatever you may need. Note, you do not need to make a character as a prerequisite for any other command/short cut. Anything that does not exist when you first make it will be auto-creadted for you.

[Character Name]

If you wish to add in a character with their description, then you add in = (equals sign), then the description. Please note, this can also overwrite existing description if you reference an existing character.

[Character Name] = [Description]

Add a Connection/Relationship

To specify how characters are connected or related in a "one way connection" (where A-->B):

[Character Name] @ [Relationship Name] // [How character connects to relation]

To specify how characters are connected or related in a "two way connection" (where A<-->B), use a triple backslash ('/' x3):

[Character Name] @ [Relationship Name] /// [How connected to one another]

Add Character Attributes

This one is a bit of a typer, but a brief breakdown. Suppose you have a Character Alison and you want to specify they are trained in water bending by the Great Platypus Lord. Each attibute has a name, and each name of that attribute is assigned under a specific category (designated also by name). Since water bending is a "skill", and Alison has several skills (eg. hacking computers, speaking elvish, swallowing 20 macaroni noodles without chewing, etc.) - we can say this is a CATEGORY. And since water bending is a highly aclaimed style of marshal arts, we will set the ATTRIBUTE NAME to "martial arts" with the ATTRIBUTE part containing all the nitty gritty details.

[Character Name] -- [Category Name] >> [Attribute Name] = [Attribute]

Add in Multiple of the Above

The above is nice, but why not add more at a time instead of repeatedly hitting the submit button? That is just more clicking! So just keep typing the short code/arguements above, but for each new chunk, add in ++.

[Short code] ++ [Short code] ++ [...etc]